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Bonus Festival day, Apremont Desert

Apremont D├ęsert, Fontainebleau

Last minute plans are often the most fun! We are running an impromptu Betty Meet-up to connect all the stragglers from the Women's Bouldering Festival that took place last weekend. However, it is not only for festival participants. Betties, if you are free, and fancy a day at Apremont Desert with an international crew, please come and join us. All levels welcome!

We will start a little earlier this time, with a warm-up at 10 am. This is because I know a few of you are leaving Wednesday afternoon and want to squeeze in a good session before you leave. This doesn't mean that everyone must arrive at 10am. Come whenever you like, but make sure you warm-up properly by yourselves!

Meet in front of the Lost in Translation bloc, here-ish at 10 for the warm-up, or, just wander around the area to find us. It is not a huge area, and we should be easy to find!