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Festival Fun Time

Haute Pierre , Fontainebleau

Last year's Festival du Bloc Durable at Milly has grown into something quite fantastic, now known as Oh My Bloc, and we are going to be a bigger part of it than last year! Last year we entered a kick-ass women's team into the competition, and won all three top spots on the podium! This year, we will be running a free women's get together in conjunction with the festival itself.

The logistic will be a little different to our normal meet-ups because we fall under the umbrella of festival events. For the sake of insurance we will need to register to take part. The event is still free, but we are running it together with two awesome female climbing coaches from Grimpeuse, Caroline and Maria. They will also come with their shoe sponsor La Sportiva with demo shoes to try out!

Caroline Ciavaldini is an inspiringly strong Mamma. She started with competition climbing at an early age, but has achieved 8c+ sport and E9 trad. She has travelled all over the world sampling different styles and techniques, and now she juggles family life with pro-climbing and coaching for Grimpeuses.

Maria Garcia Valverde is a climbing DE, perfectly trilingual, but also a circus artist and organizer of Grimpeuses. Her atypical background reflects a young woman who has chosen her own path in life and in climbing. Above all, Maria is an amazing coach!

and me :-) I am Helen Dudley. I am the old lady of the group, at 53, and still going strong. I won the competition at the festival last year, and promised the mayor to come back again this year! I've been living in the area for 11 years, and climbed around 200 grade 7 and above her in the forest. I know a few good Font techniques, and hopefully I can pass on a few. I have been running free Betty meet-ups for over 4 years, so I will aim to coordinate a similar style of atmosphere to one of our usual events.


  • We will meet up at the bus stop here in Milly at 11.35 and all travel together to the venue.

    Please sign up for the event using this link