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Change of venue

91.1, Fontainebleau

Oh my! What a simply awesome day! We were so incredibly lucky with the weather after a bit of a lousy week, but I'm glad we changed the venue. The rock at 91.1 is much more solid than at Elephant, and exposed to sun and wind being on top of the hill, but we still ended up dipping fingers in the odds puddle! Despite the dubious forecast, we had the biggest turn-out ever, since our collaboration with Girls in Bleau. We numbered around 40, and everyone seemed to be on a high! I am so grateful for the help of Zofia Reych (author of 'Born to Climb' and founder of the Women's Bouldering Festival) for her enthusiasm, psych and knowledge of the area, because with so many participants it really helped to divide the group into two. The divide was organic, and girls happily moved between the two areas, but to start with we split at 'circuits' group and '6s-7s' group. Zof took the stronger girls to the Mine de Rien area, and immediately discovered that reds were falling like flies! Except for one engrossing slab/vert that took nearly an hour for a first send for the team. Go Laura!

We had one first-timer in the big outdoors, so I gave her a little slab and mantle workshop. It was fun, but she really was completely capable of these skills without realising it, and she went on to climb oranges and reds with her friends. By mid-afternoon we had little groups of girls all over the sector. We even managed to get 'Le Flipper' all to ourselves for a while, as well as 'Le Krill', and 'Le Toit de la Gratitude' was a favourite, despite being a sandbag grade 5!

Thank you to everyone for making it such an awesome day! But particular thanks for our guest appearances of the mini dragon, my two wonderful boys, and our amazing creator (hubby) Jason Kester.

The best of the attached photos were taken by Clara Berenguer. A huge thank you to Clara for coming to share time at 8 months pregnant! We even caught a couple of sneaky pics of her climbing a few circuit problems, with LOTS of concerned spotters!!