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CANCELLED No-frills fun day at Rocher Guichot

Rocher Guichot, Fontainebleau

Following the slightly over-engineered event at Hautes Plaines last month, we are aiming for a simply FUN day amongst the blocks with great company for our session at Rocher Guichot. We will meet at the start of the orange circuit at 11am for a group warm up. This sector is only 20m from the carpark, so no long walk-ins! The warm up is usually pretty fun, depending on who volunteers to lead it :-), but if you prefer to do your own warm up feel free to join at noon, we will stay on the start boulders for that first hour before moving on. On a personal note, I am regretting that I don't spend time with everyone at each session, so I'm going to try a new tactic this time. I will start with the group climbing 5s for the first part of the day, then I will climb with the 6s, and end up with the 7s for the last hurrah. This way I get to laugh with everybody. The main aim of the day, though, is not about me, it is about lots of girls climbing together. If there are any blocks you would really like to try, or want to recommend to others, please do let us know... lets go do them together...