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Women's Bouldering Festival - paying forward

Roche aux Sabots, Fontainebleau

I have been involved with the Women's bouldering festival from the very start, that's 5 years now, and I love the idea of paying forward to the future of climbing. This year I participated in all four days of the festival, from registration, promoting Bettybeta to the uninitiated, and entertaining with a 2-hour fire-dance tutorial.

Several mentors from the Bettybeta community lead groups on both days, and there was a great turn-out for the anti-erosion day on the Monday. The ONF once again underestimated the determination and competence of women climbers, and we had completed all of the work, and more before we broke for lunch!! It was hot and dirty work, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. In total I believe we created 6 new stone platforms in Roche aux Sabots, combatting the erosion resulting from the enormous popularity of this area in the climbing community.

Thanks to the ONF for their informative workshop, and to everyone who gave their energy for the future of climbing in out beautiful forest