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Fin du Saison Special - Eco Chalk review at Petit Bois

Petit Bois, Fontainebleau

Mid-summer madness at Petit Bois, who's in? This sector is small, shady and has all levels of climbing. It is only 20 minutes walk from Nemours train station, so we can welcome girls based in Paris without cars, and it's the last event on the calendar before we re-start in the Autumn. To mark this special event, Chalk Rebels and 3rd Rock have both offered to sponsor us with their eco chalk. These products are sourced sustainably by extraction from sea water, so no mining in China! The Chalk Rebels chalk is a liquid chalk in a tube, and the 3rd Rock chalk is a crumbly-nuggets textured powdered chalk. Come and try both, let us know what you think, and we'll let everyone else know ...