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Sunny Sunday at Gorge aux Chats

Gorge aux Châts, Fontainebleau

One of the best ever!! The weather was wonderful, the psych was high, and the level of climbing was the highest yet. We had a group of yellow climbers who were happily crushing all of the orange problems; we had a diverse group of 6-grade climbers, searching for both tall-girl and short-girl beta on the same problems, and we had some strong 7-climbers brainstorming Stormroc, Sa Pelle aux Logis and Pare Dessus. It was wonderful to have such a broad spread of nationalities, as well as a strong show of local Bleausardes. Thanks to everyone who made this such a special day.


Helen Dudley, March 24, 2022

Parking ... There is a bit of an issue with the regular parking space. Officially it is closed. People do still park there, but there is a slim chance you could get a ticket. If you do risk it, please please park well away from the houses. The official parking is now at Croix St Jerome, and can be found by typing 'parking Croix st Jerome' into google maps. I have uploaded a forest map as a photo so that you can find your way to the area. Please note, the official parking is in blue, and the rendezvous point in pink. For those of you who have not used these forest maps before, please not the numbers in green. These are sector numbers for the forestry, and are often actually signposted on the trees themselves. If you find a number on a tree, check it against the map to find our where you are! :-)

Helen Dudley, April 7, 2022

Thank you so much Josie @shortbleaubeta for the best of the photos 🤩🤩.