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One of the best orange circuits in the forest, and some fantastic first ascents (with GIB)

Restant du Long Rocher, Fontainebleau

I love Restant du Long Rocher, partly for the forest, partly for the rock, but largely for the features that the sandstone forms in this area. The orange circuit here is amongst the best climbing in the forest. It is a little tougher than some, as it was originally painted as a blue, but that only adds to the challenge. Amongst my group we had some very strong climbers who didn't know that they were strong yet, and astounded themselves by their achievements. This is one of the most amazing feelings as a mentor, when group members discover their own potential. We found some cracks to jam our way up, some slabs to balance our way up, some overhangs to dangle off, and even opened 2 new routes, 'Portrait of a Girl on Fire' and 'Portrait de la Jeune Fille en Feu'.